Monday, July 29, 2013

Aubree's Obsessions

Hey guys! I'm going to tell you a few things that I love!

1. Green Tea
Anyone else totally crazy for it? Hot or cold, I love it. I like the Arizona tea cold and the Bigelow hot. Who knew Starbucks had Green Tea Frappuccinos! I know right totally shocked aren't you? I was too! They are also really cool looking other than being great tasting.

2. Macbarbie07
Bethany Mota is so sweet! She's a beauty guru on youtube and she always makes me smile! Her videos are super peppy and she has a fantastic sense of style. So you should really check out her channel some time.

3. ABC Family
I am adoring three shows on ABC family right now. Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, and The Fosters are the shows I'm totally hooked on right now. Pretty Little Liars is really suspenseful and I love the characters. Twisted is also super suspenseful but (SPOILER!!!) I wish Lacey and Danny weren't a couple because I like him better with Jo. But I really love Jo's crazy frizzy hair and Lacey's smooth hair. Random huh? Then again I love the liars' hair too... Anyways on to The Fosters. I really love it because it's still a drama but it's not as crazy and killer as PLL and Twisted. It's just a feel good show at the end because it feels like they're a family that will pull together no matter what.

4. Cutout Back Tops
I have seen a lot of tutorials on youtube which are pretty old but I'm loving them now. I really like the DIYs that show you how to cut a skull or a design in the back of a big shirt. I also really like the shirts/dresses with the heart cutout in the back. They just add like a feel of sweetness to the look.

The Mint Green Macaron

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