Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fashion Lookout :)

Lately I've been eyeing a few things some on the more affordable side, others with no chance at all.

1.) The first item(s) I was looking at was a Chanel bag. Right from the word Chanel you can just tell that this isn't going to be on the affordable side.
It's a beautiful rose quilted bag. But the dream was killed once I saw it ran for $3,400.
 I also fell for this one.
2.) The next item I have been eyeing is a lot more affordable.
This adorable hoodie in my favorite color is $44.50 <3
3.)  Unfortunately it says that the next item is no longer available ;(

Am I the only one with a total French Bulldog obsession? They're just so darn cute! And these cosmetic bags are just adorable. I can't decide... Pink or blue????
The Mint Green Macaron <3

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