Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Favorites!

June is almost over so I decided it's time for...FAVORITES!

  1. Lotion! The Victoria Secret Love My Body Seriously Soft Body Cream is my favorite for the month of June. It's very moisturizing and smells amazing! Mine is in lavender and vanilla. They were on sale at my local store for just $3.75
  2. Self Tan! We know never to use tanning beds because they are BAD for us and trying for a natural tan can lead to sunburns for certain skin types, so self tan is the genius product to get that wonderful sun kissed glow without any harm to your skin. I use Jergens Natural Glow in Fair to Medium. It was a great find and works very well. I was searching online for a good drugstore self tan and this came up multiple times. It also has SPF 20 which is a plus! I do recomend it:)
    3. Perfume! I'm adoring this Bath and Bodyworks body splash. The reasons why I love it. For one, It's PINK! Secondly, it's got shimmer. Third, it's shaped like the Eiffel Tower! Number four, it smells amazing. Fifth, it's been discontinued :,( And lastly, it was on sale!
    The scent is Paris in Bloom. I'm sorry about the image quality but my ipod does it's best.

    4.) Clothing Item! I don't know how to explain this but I am flat out in love with this rabbit print top from (my favorite store) Target. It's a polyester tank. It's almost like a peplum top but more relaxed. It has a high low thing going on which I love! And it's button down. And of course for me it HAD to be on sale. 
    How adorable is this rabbit print?
    5. Hairdo! I'm digging the messy bun. It's great for summer especially because it keeps the hair out of your face and your neck cool and it looks adorable! I love waterfall braids too they're super pretty!

    6. Hair Accessory! I found these super cute bobby pins at the dollar store and they were a must have because for one thing they're a dollar and secondly they're NEON!

    7. Bracelets! I love the Adore bracelet from TJMax I found it for $10. And the second item isn't a bracelet but it's a red bandana and I was inspired by Kandee Johnson on Youtube to wrap it into a bracelet. 

    8. Lip products! I adore the Victoria's Secret Glossy Tint Lip Sheen in Maniac Pink. It is a wild color and I love it! The Bath and Bodyworks Venice Dolce Berry Lipgloss is super cute also. 

    9. Songs! I Love It By: Icona Pop, Blurred Lines By: Robert Thicke, and I was obbsessed with Popular Song By: Mika and Ariana Grande.

    10. Beverage! Haha I love that word... I am in love with green tea! Totes delish! I just add two Splendas and it's Heavenly! Plus it's zero calories! 

    11. Food! Hmmm... Macarons! Duh ;) 

    12. Nail Color! I have been adoring white nail polish for summer but my white was my mom's so it wasn't very new... It takes hours to dry so I gave up on it. But I'm loving the NYC Fuschia Shock and the Sinful Colors Mint Apple. 

    13. Favorite Youtubers! I love Bubzbeauty & her vlogs, Juicystar07 (Blair is amazing!), Allthatglitters21, Macbarbie07, and FleurDeForce! Sorry can't pick one...

    And those are my June Faves! Comment Yours below!
    The Mint Green Macaron <3

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